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Mom discovers huge blisters on her baby’s feet, finds out babysitter forced baby’s feet in frying pan as ‘punishment’


Amongst different other challenges, one of the major challenges in any parents life is to keep their cute little toddlers safe.

Many people don’t really understand how much time and efforts it takes to take care of a toddler. You need to bond with them, and also need to spend some quality time to understand their needs. No doubt maternity leaves are not as fun as many people without kids imagine them to be.

Without any doubt, every parent loves their child beyond any limits, but everyone needs a break and a personal time to themselves and it totally should be acceptable.

Today we are presenting to you a story of a mother who faced some unexpected tragedy when she reached home to her baby.

As she got back to her house, she already could sense something was not right. She has been out only for a couple of hours and got back only to find out that the babysitter Ismelda Ramos Mendoza, of Bladensburg, USA has not really been as careful with the baby as she was supposed to.

The moment she saw her baby’s feet she was able to witness her soles covered in huge blisters.

She confronted Mendoza about the situation and she said she had no idea about whatever has happened.

However, the mom was not satisfied by the babysitter’s foul response and knew something was odd. She called the police and registered a complaint about child abuse.

After reporting the situation to the police, the mother of child rushed to the hospital with her baby where it was truly revealed that the babies legs were severely burnt as if they were cooked.

36-year-old Mendoza was arrested by the police and that’s when the ugly true side of the story unfolded. Police found out that the babysitter lost her temper as the baby would not stop crying. The babysitter then forced the baby’s feet into a hot frying pan as a punishment, as stated by- US source The Washington Post.

This whole incident is surely going to shake most of the mothers and many of them are going to have a hard time leave their babies with anyone other than themselves.

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