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These Futuristic Windowless Planes Will Become The Dream For Those Who Love Flying


Ever since air traveling was invented, people have constantly been fighting over the window seat. Not anymore! The Center for Process Innovation, a British research and technology firm, is now creating the future of air travel!

The futuristic planes will be windowless. Instead, the entire length of the aircraft will be covered in OLED touchscreens. Essentially giving everyone in the airplane a virtual window seat!

Within ten to fifteen years these planes could hopefully become a reality!

The touch screens with being connected to cameras which are placed all over the outside of the plane. This allows the screens to display a realistic view of what is going on around the plane outside.

If you get sick of staring at the sky, you can turn the virtual window into an entertainment system as well.

Not familiar with OLED-touch screen technology? OLED is an abbreviation for the organic light-emitting diode. This means that there is a film comprised of organic compounds that are capable of projecting light as a reaction to an electrical current.

It may sound scientific, but this tech is currently being used in televisions, tablets, mobile phones, and computer monitors. By the time these planes are manufactured. There will most likely be a more advanced screen on the market.

With the entire walls of the plane filled with screens, passengers could look out at the view surrounding them and never have to worry about getting a good seat again.

This fresh, new concept is not without its setbacks. Many people have raised concerns that the amount of light caused by all the screens may cause some passengers discomfort.

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