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You Can Buy All This Food Online And Never Go To The Grocery Store Again


Yummy Cupcakes

Grocery stores are scary. There’s so many unknown factors that you have to deal with. Am I going to run into Susan again and have to talk about how cute it is that her cat went on vacation to Florida with her? Is that cute boy that works at the register going to be there, but you literally just rolled out of bed and need to buy a Gatorade to nurse your raging hangover? And what’s that deal with organic versus non-organic? Is not eating organic going to kill you?

Get rid of all that nonsense by just cutting out going to the grocery store altogether. You don’t need that in your life anymore.

What you do always need in your life, though, are cupcakes. Everyone needs cupcakes in their life. With Yummy Cupcakes — yes, that’s the name, and the description — you can get tiny tasty cakes delivered right to your door.

They do have a few brick and mortar locations, but if you don’t live in Michigan or California, you can still get your hands on these treats.

You can browse around their site for all your favorite flavors, and mix and match which you want to choose from.

But won’t cupcakes get all smushed if they come over land and sea to get to you? No, not these cupcakes. When you order online, you get your cupcake literally in a cup. It’s a unique, fun way of eating a cupcake, and it’s just as delicious.

Big Heart Tea

Once you devour all your cupcakes, you might want to do something that feels a little bit healthier. Yeah, life isn’t fair, and cupcakes have sugar in them. Get yourself a cup of sunshine and give your ol’ immune system a kick.

This tea from Big Heart Tea is a beautiful blend of ginger, cinnamon, peppercorn, turmeric, and more. It’s loose leaf, and the prettiest yellow color you ever did see. It’s also great for cutting down on inflammation, and stimulating your digestion (so that you can eat more cupcakes.)

All of Big Heart Tea’s are hand-blended, and dedicated to using ethical sourcing practices to get all of their ingredients.

The folks over at Big Heart Tea also believe in the power of food as medicine. If you check out their entire collection of teas, you can see all the amazing things that herbs and spices can do. What you drink really can make you feel good.

Extra Spicy Ginger Beer

Water is boring and you’re always drinking water. You can get water any old place.

But this beverage will really wake up your taste buds. It’s not just any old ginger beer. It’s got unfiltered ginger pieces in it that you can actually see and taste, so you know you’re drinking something real.

It also doesn’t have any of those nasty artificial sweeteners in it to give you a weird aftertaste. No, it’s made with 100% pure cane sugar, so you don’t have to worry about anything that’s not natural.

Drink it cold and fresh on its own, or get crafty and put it into a cocktail mixer. Extra spicy Moscow Mule, anyone?

A La Mode Ice Cream

Yes, you can actually shop for ice cream online. And it won’t be a melted pile of goo by the time that it gets to you.

At A La Mode Ice Cream, they’ve perfected the art of ice cream at a brick and mortar store, ice cream online, and ice cream in general.

You go online, shop around their flavors, and build your own bundle. Then they pack it all up with ice and ship it out to you, and it arrives just like you’ve bought it from the store.

Whether you’re a casual food eater or a super intense, Instagram-taking foodie that goes to the openings of the fanciest restaurants, A La Mode ice cream is something everyone can enjoy.

The A La Mode crew makes their ice cream nut free, egg free, and have gluten-free and dairy-free options.

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