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Wife Shares Pictures Of Her And Her Husband On Social Media To Fight Stereotypes Against Couples Who Don’t Match In Appearance


Will you be happier if you marry somebody either female or male who is unattractive or ugly? Well nowadays, it matters to everyone. For those who watch television and pay attention to social media, it’s clear that people are over-focused on beauty.

Some advertisements of media are showing that being beautiful is having fair skin, perfect teeth, and sexy body. Of course, most of the people are blinded with the truth that beauty comes within, what matters most are the unique qualities that come from the inside of the person.

A wholesome person with character is must prettier than a person who looks sexy and handsome on the outside while is shallow on the inside.

However, this woman named Dengs San Pedro proved to everybody that the insight is wrong and the stereotype should stop. She shared a picture of her and her husband on social media that earned a lot of hateful reactions.

The said photo went viral, and netizens quickly bashed and judged Dengs’ husband for not being as good-looking as her.

Some even suggested Dengs look for other men who match her beauty. But Dengs loves her husband so dearly that she did not mind what others might say because for her, as he is the most handsome and attractive guy she ever knew and she feels lucky that somebody like her husband loved her.

There is nothing wrong if we want to be physically attracted to other people. However, when we are obsessed with finding someone beautiful and handsome, we quickly lost track of the most significant and profoundly qualities that we should be valued.

It is the love, chemistry, communication, commitment, affection, patience, intellect and loyalty that remain when beauty fades.

While it is easy to be deceived by beauty, it takes real maturity to know and understand that inside qualities of a person make a long-term relationship last.

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