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Pictures of Student Lunches Around The World


Concern regarding school lunches for students in the US has been a common issue in the past few years. Parents are worried about healthy nutrition for children and want to make their school lunches tasty as well.

A centrally assisted program to serve school children called the National School Lunch Program (NPL), has been recently initiated to provide either free or low-cost lunches to kids in non-profit private and public schools and also in residential child care institutes. It’s an initiative that is presently serving more than 31 million children, i.e., around 92 percent of the schools in the United States.

Most parents expressed their apprehension about the food provided to the children, both regarding the health and appeal. Sweetgreen is a string of salad cafeterias that addressed this matter and decided to educate the students about fitness, healthy diet, and sustainability.

They, therefore, organized a program, which had a series of photographs of the kind of lunch consumed by kids across the world. It turns out that these schools were acing their culinary skills by providing children with the best of each type of food.

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