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Nurse Shared A Picture Of His Toyota After He Rescued Many Lives From Fire In California And The Automotive Company Responded


In the midst of the deadliest and the most catastrophic fires in California’s history, several tales of incredible heroism and bravery are emerging. One such story came from the hospital in the destroyed town of Paradise, where paramedics, doctors, and nurses kept on treating patients in the parking lot as the fire consumed the hospital and raged around them, before getting the clearance to evacuate.

Allyn Pierce, one of the nurses, who refuses to be called a hero as it was a group effort of people doing their jobs, lost his home and his workplace in the fire. His truck, a Toyota Tundra he used in the evacuation, is heavily burnt, showing how close a call it was. As can be expected, Allyn isn’t in a good place right now. However, he’s finding support in his close-knit community. “I’ve been spending a lot of time with my team that was trapped up there with me,” he said. “That helps. They truly understand what we went through.”

Allan has a lot of love for his truck and took to social media to praise Toyota for the hardy manufacturing of the car that saved his life. What happened was a win/win for both Allyn and Toyota, and it’s a small piece of good news amongst the tragedy of these terrifying wildfires. “The reaction has been so positive and supportive,” he said. “Starting with the truck community and spreading out to the world. It’s surreal. My contact at Toyota has been so compassionate, supportive, and understanding of my scattered state of mind.”

It is impossible even to imagine what it’s like to try to rebuild your life after such a horrific event, but Allyn and the people of Paradise have decided to work together to get back on their feet.

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