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Somebody Compared The Lion King 2019 To The 1994 Animation Side By Side


1994 was a big year. Nelson Mandela became the President of South Africa, The Channel Tunnel between England and France opened after 6 years of construction. And, of course, Disney released The Lion King, which eventually became the highest-grossing animated film ever (now, 4th).

During the NFL’s traditional Thanksgiving primetime game in the US., the company released l the first teaser trailer of its remake, scheduled to come out next summer, and everyone’s losing their minds.

A lot of fans were incredibly happy to hear it’s narrated by James Earl Jones, who plays king Mufasa in both the 1994 original and next year’s film. But arguably the most impressive thing about the teaser is how amazing the visuals look.

To show how much technology has advanced over the past 24 years, someone has even created a video, comparing shots from the two releases side by side. Scroll down till the end to see the video comparison.

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