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Then And Now Pictures Of Famous Millionaires Show How Different They Were In Their Youth


We live in a time where you do not need to have wealthy parents to become part of the elite of the world. A talented student might wake up famous after the launch of a startup and a common entrepreneur might make a fortune on a reality show. The lives and the way these people look before and after they become famous are of course very different.

Elon Musk learned how to program at the age of nine, and he sold his first startup (it was worth $307) at the age of 28, he founded PayPal at the age of 30, and he opened Tesla Motors at the age of 32. A year before that, he set up SpaceX claiming he was going to colonize Mars shortly. Now, he’s 47 years old and is a successful engineer, entrepreneur, and billionaire — and it seems to us he may colonize Mars!

Young Gates did not have a lot of success in school — in college, he did not go to all his classes and was expelled after his second year. However, he still loved programming. He loved it so much that when he was 21 years old, he along with his friend Paul Allen founded Microsoft.

In 2018, he’s in the seventh position of the most influential people according to Forbes — following Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, and The Pope.

Despite how much she has been criticized, we cannot deny that this woman made her career. Her parents were an engineer and a housewife, and she worked as a flight attendant. However, she’s always been an organized person. These abilities allowed her to open her store after she got married to a renowned lawyer, Robert Kardashian. She did not just use the money well; she also worked on a promotion: she made a reality show about her seven children who all have careers thanks to their mom. In 1995, the two talented guys in the picture above met each other at a tour in Standford University. They began talking, discussing computer technology and became friends. Some time later, they decided to begin a research project which soon (in 1998) turned into Google Inc. Only a few people do not know the story of the 19-year-old student from the psychology department of Harvard University who created Facebook. We’ll only say that he is only 34 years old. He’s the youngest billionaire in history, and he is in the thirteenth position of the most influential people, according to Forbes. A calm but determined student from Alabama University found his first job in IBM. Then, he worked in several managing positions in Intelligentelectronics, Compaq, and of course, Apple. He began working for Apple in 1998 and became Steve Jobs’ right hand and CEO of the company after he died. Branson has always loved being scandalous.When he finished school, the headmaster told him he’d either go to jail or become a millionaire, and he was right. Today, Sir Richard Branson is among the most famous people, the co-founder of the transnational corporation Virgin Group, an all-around funny guy, and a billionaire. Susan Wojcicki is among the brightest examples of women who made a successful career in IT. She was Google’s first marketing manager, and she was the one who suggested Google buy YouTube. She’s been its CEO since 2014. The smiling person in the left photograph has always been a creative engineer. For instance, once he designed and made a system of communication for six children’s bedrooms in the neighboring houses to talk to his friends without leaving home. Twenty years later, the same person made the first Apple computers together with Steve Jobs.

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