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36 Before & After Photos That Prove Your Weight Is Meaningless


When people try to get fit, they often use a bathroom scale to track their progress. There are, however, a number of reasons why it’s not a good idea. Probably the main one is that your weight only tells how heavy you are, and nothing about your body composition, which is the proportion of fat and fat-free mass in your body.

And to make our argument even more convincing, we collected a series of before-and-after photos of people at the same weight but in a very, very different shape. You’ll see, there’s no need to starve yourself to achieve great results. All it takes is just good old-fashioned dedication. And after you’re done scrolling through this list, check out these 28 Before & After Photos That Prove Your Weight Is Meaningless for more inspiration as well.

#5 Reminder That Long Term Consistency Trumps Short Term Intensity
#1 “Screw The Scale, It Legitimately Means Nothing. It Has Never Reflected My Healthiness Or Fitness Level At All”
#26 I Started This Program As A Birthday Gift To Myself And It Was The Best Thing I Have Done For Myself All Year. January 1 I Set Out To Lose 20 Lbs. I Haven’t Done That. This Is What I Did Instead
#12 Heavier, Healthier And Proud
#2 The Number On The Scale Doesnt Tell The Whole Story
#3 You Know What The Main Difference Is Between These Two Photos? Besides The Underwear It’s My Confidence
#4 “If You’re Consistent At Lifting And Exercising And Hitting Protein, Don’t Quit Because Things Are Happening Whether The Scale Reflects It Or Not”
#6 Don’t Forget That The Scale Means Absolutely Nothing
#7 My Body Composition Is Completely Different Through I Weigh Eight Pounds More Now
#8 2014- Burnt Chicken Nugget 2018- Gardein Chicken Nugget
#9 They Say It Takes 21 Days To Create A Habit. It’s That Habit Of Discipline And The Determination Of Wanting To Create A Healthier Life For Myself That Has Been The Backbone Of My Training The Last Two Years
#10 The Scale Doesn’t Always Tell Us The Truth, But Pictures Do
#11 We Are Giving The Scale Too Much Power Over Us
#13 I Started To Care Less About What I Weighed, And More About How I Felt
#14 “There Was Nothing Wrong With My Body. But There Was Everything Wrong With The Way I Viewed It, And How I Treated It”
#15 7 Years On, 7 Rounds Of Bbg Down And About 7 Kg Heavier
#17 What You See On That Scale Is Not A True Indicator Of Your Health
#18 2 Years Later And An Entirely Different Body Composition. Just To Prove That
#19 Don’t Be Afraid To Gain Weight, Build Muscle And Eat More Food
#20 Eat Healthy, Train Hard, Sleep Well And Give Your Body The Time It Needs To Transform From The Inside Out
#21 Screw. The. Scale
#22 So I’ve Been Working On My Nutrition For The Last 13 Weeks
#23 Transformation
#24 “One Year Ago, Weight Was Everything. But Honestly, My Perspective Is Shifting “
#25 Proof That Just Because You Weigh More Doesn’t Mean You’ve Got Fat
#27 It Gave Me Routine That Still Embodied Balance And Diversity
#28 “Three Years Ago I Decided To Make Fitness A Priority Because I Was Tired Of Looking In The Mirror”
#29 “Throw Out The Scales. Your Weight Doesn’t Matter”
#30 Weight Is Not A Good Measurement Of Progress
#32 Transformation
#33 Yeah, I’m Gonna Stop Using A Scale
#34 “I’ve Been Able To Track My Journey And Every Time I See Old Pictures It Gives Me So Much Perspective!”
#35 4 Years Later… And A Completely Different Body Composition!
#36 Stop Focusing On Your Scale Weight

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