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Bangladeshi Photojournalist Captures The Cruel Reality Of Child Labour


Bangladeshi photojournalist GMB Akash is a great photographer. His socially conscious work brings to light what many select to ignore. His work has been featured in over a hundred international publications, from National Geographic to Newsweek and he has spent more than 20 years establishing a reputation as one among the top professional photographers in his country.

Focusing on social issues, he gives a voice to refugees, child laborers, sex workers, and other oft-ignored groups through his photography. As a professional who values his work and also wants to enrich the lives of others, he is continually striving to do what he can for the subjects of his photographs. This comes not only in the form of telling their stories but helping them find business opportunities. Akash also founded the non-profit First Light Institute of Photography to bring quality education to children who cannot afford it in Bangladesh.

Akash has spent over a decade documenting the plight of child laborers in Bangladesh. By giving a face to this issue, he forces the public to look at the human toll of an all too common phenomenon. Those children, who are tasked with backbreaking, dangerous work, support themselves and their entire families starting as young as five years old. For greedy factory owners, who would rather pay a kid the equivalent of $4 to $8 (400 to 700 taka) a month as opposed to the $60 (5000 taka) an adult would earn, the choice is apparent. By exposing this disgusting practice, Akash hopes to forge a new path for child laborers not only in Bangladesh but all around the world.

Mymodernmet had the chance to speak with Akash in-depth about his life as a photojournalist and why he continues to dedicate himself to this important work.

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