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We All Want To Wake Up Finding What This Man Discovered On His Porch


Recently we already wrote about the most interesting “I woke up to this” moments that have ever happened, and this story that happened to Tim Newton from Alaska belongs there.

“Tim was awakened by noises on [his] deck last week – and looked outside. In astonishment, he grabbed his camera.. and can you believe it? Mama Lynx and her SEVEN kits!!” – he wrote on his Facebook.

“She called to them, and they all lined up right outside in front of where he was standing (he was inside the screen door!) Amazing ALASKA WILDLIFE!!! They proceeded to run and play on our deck, and then in our yard!”
“I’ve concluded that lynx must spend 1% of their waking lives chasing rabbits, and 99% chasing their kids. It was pretty much non-stop frolicking and rough-housing.”

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