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Hilarious Fake Gift Boxes That Will Seriously Confuse Your Friends


Holiday season is almost here, so we are all out and about trying to find the best gift for our loved ones. But sometimes, even though we found just the things that they asked for, we realize that it is next to impossible to wrap them! Of course, we can always get a box from the customer service counter, but where’s the fun in that? After all, we want to make them happy and have a little fun on Christmas morning!

A comedy company called Prank-O, based in Minneapolis, are dedicated to change the gift-giving experience, bringing a little deception and, of course, a lot of laughs. How do they do that? Prank-O created a funny line of fake gift boxes known as ‘Prank Packs.’ From the “Donald J. Trump Tweet Printer” to the “Pet Talk Animal Translator Collar”, these hilarious fake boxes are printed with items that anyone would be shocked to have, while hiding the actual gifts inside.

“Gift givers put real presents inside prank boxes with hilarious, absolutely absurd fake products printed on the outside,” says the company. “Gift receivers think they’re getting the worst gift ever, until they open up and see a real product inside.”

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